Shore Technology Group has found that many business either have no backup and disaster recovery plan or one that is very inefficient and in most cases would not work in case of a server failure or disaster.

  • Do you have a tested backup plan in place?
  • Do your backup tapes even restore?
  • If your server crashes how do you restore your tapes?
  • Are your operating system disks safe and at hand in case of failure?
  • Do you know all your passwords to firewalls, managed switches, etc?
  • Is your firewall configuration backed up?

A simple hard drive failure or a patch update gone wrong can easily cause havoc in a business environment and bring your business to a halt. Shore Technology Group offers a Disaster Recovery Certification Service. If you handle your IT in house or have your own outside vendor, Shore Technology Group will provide an independent validation of your current backup and restoration plan. If you don't have one, we will help you put one in place so you have peace of mind

Our disaster recovery plan is a comprehensive task list customized to your business model comprised of a proven strategy to be taken before, during and after a disaster. The Shore Technology Group designed plan will be documented and tested to ensure the continuity of operations and availability of critical resources in the event of a disaster. The primary objective of our disaster recovery planning is to protect your organization in the event that all or part of its operations and/or computer services are rendered unusable. Preparedness is the key. The planning process we provide to our clients will minimize the disruption of operations and ensure some level of organizational stability and an orderly recovery after a disaster. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

  • Our Data Backup and Recovery Certification
    Shore Technology Group will evaluate your current network infrastructure and data backup methods. We will test your disaster recovery plans if they exist. Our team will provide detailed documentation and recommendations to you and your company that can be put into place to ensure a solid secure backup. An emergency binder will be provided that includes all software, backup locations & recovery strategies to restore a single file or a a complete system. We suggest that this certification is renewed once per year to adjust for updates to your system and network.
  • How it works
    After our initial consultation with your IT Department, our staff will provide a detailed, documented backup/recovery plan customized for your company. At this point you can implement our strategies yourself and have us come back and certify that it has been done correctly. Or we can provide a quotation on having our team put the plan in place and certify it. When complete you will know that Backups are occurring as required. Backed up data and settings are accessible (from the primary site and, if appropriate, from the secondary site). Restoration procedures can be performed within the times specified in the backup and restoration plan and the results meet all business requirements, as specified in your backup and restoration plan.
  • Testing and monitoring the plan
    Equipment fails, software has errors, so ongoing monitoring and testing of your backup plan is a high priority. Shore Technology Group provides validation methods to be used to ensure that data and settings are appropriately backed up and available for restoration. This would include periodic audits throughout the year and test restorations.
  • Server Crashes! Now what?
    Since you have our certified plan in place and everything is now detailed and documented, downtime will be minimized & staff will continue to work while restoration is in place. Data files can be restored from offsite backup to other machines to continue working. Client files are readily available from network attached storage devices, and your server can be fixed or restored as quick as possible to get you backup online fast.

Disaster recovery planning involves more than just a tape or offsite backup. Shore Technology Group will develop a written, comprehensive disaster recovery plans that address all the critical operations and functions of your business. Our Certified plan will include documented and tested procedures, which, if followed, will ensure the ongoing availability of critical resources and continuity of operations. Our plan provides a certain level of comfort in knowing that if a catastrophe where to occur, it will not result in financial disaster.

Call Shore Technology Group today and let us put a solid backup plan in place for your business.

Shore Technology Group can provide you services from Datto, one of our partners that specializes in Data Backup and Recovery and Business Continuity. Here are some of the extra features that Datto can provide:

  • File backups according to your schedule
  • Lost file retrieval fast and on the fly
  • Work from the cloud when hardware fails
  • Eliminate downtime due to disasters
  • Prevent against ransomware and other viruses
Check out the video below or Datto's website for more information!

Shore Technology Group is also partnered with Intronis to provide even more data backup and recovery solutions.